The Chapter shall hold meetings only in places that are open and accessible to all members of the Society.
Notices of the place and time of all meetings shall be distributed to all members at least two (2) weeks prior to any meeting, by Internet mail or written notice duly served on or mailed.

The Chapter shall hold the following meeting types:

Monthly Update Meeting (MUM)

  • Shall be convened once every month.
  • Motions of all MUMs shall be passed by simple majority.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

  • Shall be held at the last meeting of the program year. At this meeting, the Secretary and Treasurer each shall present a report.
  • Notice of all AGMs shall be given at twenty one (21) days in advance.
  • Quorum for AGM shall be not less than two thirds (2/3) of the total number of registered and active members and who shall pass the decisions at AGMs.
  • Shall appoint a government recognized auditor to audit the Chapter’s financial transactions annually.

Executive Council Meeting (ECM)

  • Attended only by the Executive Council members.
  • Shall be convened on a quarterly basis or as deemed necessary.
  • Fifty percent (50%) of the Executive Council members shall constitute a quorum.
  • Consensus or simple majority shall pass decisions at ECMs.

Special General Meeting (SGM)

  • Shall be convened upon written request by at least fifty percent (50%) plus one of the full Chapter membership, who are in good standing with the Chapter.
  • Shall require notice of not less than 7 days and not more than fourteen (14) days supported by the concerned members – this is being called by the Executive Council – while attaching evidence of the signatures.
  • Shall deal with any major issues raised by the members.

Election Meetings (EM)

  • Shall be held once every two years at AGMs to elect the Chapter officers to the Executive Council and trustees.
  • There shall be a Returning Officer recommended by the Executive Council to the AGM. The returning officer can be an independent electoral body. It shall the responsibility of the returning officer to announce the results of the election.
  • Elections shall be by secret ballot cast in person, by mail ballot, or electronically by members.
  • Any member with valid Certificate of Good Conduct from Government of Kenya shall be eligible to vie for any elective position in the Executive Council.
  • Only members in good standing shall nominate candidates for elections.
  • Except for the floor nominations, the nominee, nominator and two Seconders must sign all nominations papers. Nominations on the floor shall require a Proposer and a Seconder.